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I love getting my nails done by Lydian!

Not only does she do beautiful job but we always have the most fun chatting.  So many of my friends have gotten their nails done at other places and ended up with all sorts of issues with their nails (including infections), I always tell them to go to Lydian to get them fixed.  Lydian always uses the best products on my nails so I leave with them looking & feeling healthier than when I came in.

Brooke E. via 5 Stars


My Nails Turned Out Beautiful...

Lydian is an AWESOME nail technician.  I'm so happy that I stumbled across her website when trying to find a sanitary nail salon.  

Before she got started, Lydian gave me a run down of different fake nail options and helped me pick out one that worked for me (bonus: she didn't try to upsell anything that I didn't want).  She then filed down my nails BY HAND.. NO DRILL, BABY!   Lydian then methodically measured the tips for my nails, filed them to fit my natural nails perfectly, and then glued each one on.  She took her time to make sure that each one looked perfect.. she checked them from all angles.  It was also nice that she explained every step along the way.

One IMPORTANT thing worth mentioning is how CLEAN everything was.  Every reusable instrument (all of those metal tools and such) were AUTOCLAVED after each client.  She also doesn't use tools between clients (like files).  She was also open to questions about how she sanitizes her items.

So overall.. the PROS:
1. My acrylic nails turned out beautiful; I can't even feel that they are on!
2. Clean, clean, clean.
3. She is professional, friendly, and wants the client to be completely satisfied.
4. She took her time to make sure that everything was perfect (my new set took about 2 hours).

1. Prices can be a bit more expensive, BUT it's worth every penny knowing that she uses clean items, sanitizes them, and uses quality products on my nails (OPI nail polish, Creative Nails tips and acrylic powder.. AKA "solar nails" products, and not the cheap knock-off products that you find at other salons).

Kay S. via  5 Stars

Updated - 4/27/2013 

So I have been going to Lydian for a few years now, so I thought that I should update my review!

I  got acrylics with her (back in '10)- which is the last time that I had acrylics because I've moved onto something better- Gel Manicures!  

I mostly get Shellac, but Lydian has other brands too (Gelish, OPI, and others.. don't remember specifics, though).  They last the usual 2 weeks, and I usually get about 3 weeks before they start to chip.  At which point, they get so grown out, that you want to update them, even if they last that long ;)

Pedicures with Lydian are also awesome.  She REALLY knows how to take care of your nails -cutting and shaping them perfectly.  I sometimes have trouble with my big toe nails curling inwards, and she does a great job of keeping them in check.  My pedicures last forever  I also love how she takes her time to make sure everything is perfect. 

I love going to Lydian, and I look forward to keep going to her for years to come
Kay S.  via 
5 stars
Austin, TX

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