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Master Pedicurist
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IBX Certified Master Pro

LCN Barefoot Specialist
Toe Nail Restoration 

LCN Luxury Urea Pedicurist

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She's the best in Austin!

Lydian is meticulous and outstanding in the service that she provides. I always leave happy and refreshed after a manicure. She's clean and sanitary. She sanitizes the files and drill bits that she uses and I know they're sanitized because she does it right in front of me. Go to Lydian if you want a long lasting manicure without any problems. She's the best in Austin!

CC L., Austin, Texas


A perfectionist when it comes to your nails...

First and foremost, Lydian is a professional.  She is a perfectionist when it comes to her work on your nails and she has very good advice about nails and nail care to share with her clients. I have been Lydian's client for more years than I care to remember.  

She has always provided me with excellent service and her service and client care are consistent.  She is reliable and I cannot remember a single time she has cancelled my appointment.  Furthermore, she is flexible when my schedule has to change and she has always been accommodating.

Lydian is friendly and outgoing. She makes you feel like a friend from the start.   Sessions with her are therapeutic! I frequently get compliments on my nails and Lydian's good advice and consistent care have enabled me to maintain healthy and lovely nails. I was also pleased when she added pedicures to her service list.   I look forward to my pedicure appointments for it is a time I can totally relax!

Last but not least, Lydian is very concientious about cleanliness and she santizes her tools and pedicare station regularly.   I never give health concerns a second thought because I know that Lydian has taken every care to provide a clean and safe environment for my care.

Carolyn B., Austin, Texas


Hands Down The Best In Town!

I never had a relaxing time getting a pedicure until I went to Lydian!  I always felt rushed, nicked, or downright stressed by the pedicure places I had tried. Not so with Lydian.  She takes her time so I never feel rushed, but always feel relaxed.  She is very careful about hygiene and disinfection and so I always feel safe in her care.  My pedicures last an entire month--no chipping!  A mani-pedi from Lydian is one treat I give myself and I never regret it.  Hands down the best in town!

Penney M. via


Lydian is FANTASTIC!

Lydian makes having your nails done a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.  She is very much a professional, but she makes you feel like close friends. She is great at educating her clients about nail care, and she treats all her clients like people, not revenue.  I seriously recommend Lydian Flash.  You will not be disappointed...and you will definitely be back.

Dr. Suzy C. via


I love getting my nails done by Lydian!

Not only does she do beautiful job but we always have the most fun chatting.  So many of my friends have gotten their nails done at other places and ended up with all sorts of issues with their nails (including infections), I always tell them to go to Lydian to get them fixed.  Lydian always uses the best products on my nails so I leave with them looking & feeling healthier than when I came in.

Brooke E. via