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Outstanding Pedicure and IBX Treatments Highly Recommended

I originally went to Lydian for a Shellac manicure and a pedicure. The pedicure was outstanding with perfectly shaped nails and applied polish which lasted well over a month! The Shellac manicure had my nails looking their best and lasted over 2 weeks. Lydian is extremely professional and knowledgeable.  Her salon is impeccably clean and she takes the utmost care in sterilizing (Autoclave) and sanitizing everything! I'm very picky about this issue and it's rare to find a nail salon that sterilizes their tools for each client, takes the time to bleach the pedicure area, etc.
I've now started IBX treatments because the nails on my hands are thin, weak, have ridges and peel.  It's been a week since my first treatment, and I definitely see and feel improvements in strength, smoothness of ridges on the nail bed and nail edge, and not once have they peeled or broken. They're the prettiest my own natural nails have ever looked and I'm not embarrassed to have them seen! I highly recommend this treatment. Lydian is sweet and truly cares about her clients' health and well being.

Sandra W. via on 4/6/2016 - 5 Stars